Canada’s Intellectual Property Firm

Smart & Biggar does not charge to be appointed as agent in Canada for your international trademark application. This has been our practice since Canada acceded to the Madrid Protocol, and we offer this service to our clients as a courtesy to ensure the protection of rights in Canada that could be lost inadvertently without proper monitoring and guidance.

Once appointed, we will:

  • Become your Canadian agent for the Canadian application; 
  • Enter the Canadian application into our file management system;
  • Docket and report (in accordance with our fee schedule) all correspondence received from CIPO; and
  • Once registered, docket the registration and forward to you all notices received from CIPO during the term of the registration, including section 45 non-use cancellation notices and renewal reminders.

Complete this form to appoint Smart & Biggar as the Canadian agent for your Canadian filings: