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French Language Charter: 

Navigating the recent amendments and their impact on trademarks in Québec

Webinar Replay on Thursday, November 9, 2023

Speakers: Christian Bolduc & Francesca Roy

In this webinar, our speakers discuss the recent amendments to the French language requirements in Québec and touch on how they apply to product markings, promotion, and advertisements, plus practical tips on how to take advantage of the “recognized trademark” exception.

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Bill 96 and its impact on the French-language requirements in Québec

The French language holds the status of official language in the province of Québec through the Charter of the French Language (RLRQ c C-11), thus making the use of the French language mandatory in all spheres of public life in the province, including commerce and business. 

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INTA builds coalition in response to Quebec’s Bill 96

Around Bill 96, INTA – in coalition with the Intellectual Property Institute of Canada (IPIC) and concerned stakeholders – has been working with the Quebec government to offer input and insight on how to seek clarifications and definitions on matters that affect brand owners and consumers.

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