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Digital Marketing & Advertising:

The Legal Side of AI, NFTs, Virtual Influencers and Dark Patterns

Webinar Replay on Thursday, October 13, 2022

Speakers: Alice Tseng & Jamie-Lynn Kraft

The world of digital marketing & advertising is fast-paced and always evolving to adopt the latest technology and capitalize on pop culture trends and new media channels. Join us to learn about the legal aspects of these emerging topics and the latest digital tech and media trends that could impact your next marketing & advertising campaign.

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In Canada, influencer marketing is regulated by the federal government under the Competition Act (administered by the Competition Bureau) as well as the self-regulatory body, Ad Standards Canada. According to guidelines set out by these bodies, there are two “Golden Rules” advertisers must abide by when marketing through influencers.

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The Internet has developed into an essential part of virtually every business, from online sales, to software as a service, to online marketing. This has led to a corresponding rise in online IP risks and opportunities. It is critical that businesses have a basic understanding of how to maintain and enforce their IP rights online.

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