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Webinar Replays

Smart & Biggar is pleased to present a series of timely webinars to provide in-house counsel and global IP lawyers with a complete understanding of the unique aspects of Canadian brand protection.

Starting in May and running through to October, we covered a wide range of topics in concise 1 hour webinars, including: insights on handling international trademark applications filed into Canada through Madrid, best practices for proactive trademark enforcement and defensive oppositions, differences in US and Canadian trademarks practice, and more!

You can now watch any or all of the webinar replays.

Branding in Québec: Strategically navigating French language requirements and leveraging trademarks

Replay (recorded on Thursday, October 21st)

Christian Bolduc & Stéphanie Girard

In this webinar, our speakers will provide a practical overview of the French language requirements in Québec focusing on commerce and business, including product markings, promotion, and advertisement, with practical tips to fully take advantage of the “recognized trademark” exception.

Marketing & Advertising Law in Canada: IP-related issues, and other tips and traps 

Replay (recorded on Tuesday, Sept 28th)

Alice Tseng & Jamie-Lynn Kraft

When planning a new advertising campaign or marketing program, consider legal and IP issues at the outset so as to avoid potential pitfalls at the 11th hour. This webinar will explore tips, traps and Canada-specific issues advertisers should keep in mind. For example, understand the impact of Canada’s trademark laws on selecting a powerful slogan and the viability of comparative ad campaigns. Ensure your contract with your suppliers provides you with the rights you expected when you retained them. Make sure your contest promotes your business rather than triggering legal issues due to IP infringement. Learn about these and other valuable tips and traps.

Location Matters: Understanding geographical indications and other indicators of origin in a Canadian context

Replay (recorded on Thursday, Sept 16th)

Ekaterina Tsimberis & Olivier Jean-Lévesque

For producers and brand owners in the wine, spirits, food and agricultural products industries, protection of geographical indications is a lesser-known element of Canadian intellectual property. In this short presentation, we will go over the basics of how to protect this intellectual property in Canada and the scope of protection offered by the different regimes. The presentation will apprise brand owners of what they should know in order to avoid misusing others’ geographical indications.

Bricks to Clicks: Protecting your brand and copyrights online in Canada from trolls to counterfeiters and media pirates

Replay (recorded on Thursday, August 19th)

Mark Biernacki & Daniel Anthony

The Internet has developed into an essential part of virtually every business, from online sales, to software as a service, to online marketing. With the rise of the Internet has come a corresponding rise in the type and volume of online IP risks and opportunities. It is critical that businesses have a basic understanding of how to maintain and enforce their IP rights online, and best practices to implement to reduce risk.

Canadian and U.S. Trademark Prosecution: Northern (high)lights and key differences that brand owners and counsel should know 

Replay (recorded on Thursday, July 8th)

Graham Hood & Kwan T. Loh

Given the free flow of goods, services and information between Canada and its largest trading partner the United States, brand owners may assume that trademark protection north of the border will flow just as freely. Not so. When it comes to defending your brand in Canada, the world’s largest undefended border is full of pitfalls of which U.S brand owners and their trademark counsel should be aware. In this webinar, we will highlight key differences between Canadian and U.S. trademark prosecution that often come as a surprise to brand owners looking to protect their trademarks in the Great White North.

Litigation, Oppositions and Non-Use Cancellation Proceedings:  Effective strategies to protect and defend your marks in Canada

Replay (recorded on Thursday, June 10th)

Mark Evans & Noelle Engle-Hardy

Trademark litigation, oppositions and non-use cancellation proceedings are a necessary part of a brand’s trademark enforcement and protection strategy. And these proceedings have all become increasingly important in Canada. We will explore recent developments 'north of the border' as well as effective strategies and best practices for successful trademark protection in Canada.

The Canadian Difference: Exploring the unique issues of designating Canada in Madrid Protocol trademark applications

Replay (recorded on Tuesday, May 18th)

Philip Lapin & Jamie-Lynn Kraft

For applicants who designate Canada in their Madrid Protocol applications, the Canadian Trademarks Office can present some surprising challenges. In this short webinar, we will highlight some of the unexpected issues that can arise and we will advise you how to avoid those issues or address them when they do arise.