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Marketing & Advertising Law in Canada:

IP-related issues, and other tips and traps 

Replay of Webinar on Tuesday, September 28th

Speakers: Alice Tseng & Jamie-Lynn Kraft

When planning a new advertising campaign or marketing program, consider legal and IP issues at the outset so as to avoid potential pitfalls at the 11th hour. This webinar will explore tips, traps and Canada-specific issues advertisers should keep in mind. For example, understand the impact of Canada’s trademark laws on selecting a powerful slogan and the viability of comparative ad campaigns. Ensure your contract with your suppliers provides you with the rights you expected when you retained them. Make sure your contest promotes your business rather than triggering legal issues due to IP infringement. Learn about these and other valuable tips and traps.

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Canada cracks down on COVID-19 related product advertising claims

Alice Tseng

COVID-19 has resulted in the launch of numerous new products, as well as numerous new claims about existing products. Products can be classified as drugs or medical devices as a result of the very nature of the product or because of the claims made. Industry must be careful not to make claims that transform an unregulated product into one that requires authorization by Health Canada; care must also be taken to ensure that even if a product already has Health Canada authorization, no claims are made which exceed what is lawful.

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True or False? Testing the limits of comparative advertising – Petline v Trupanion

Jamie-Lynn Kraft

Comparative advertising can be a useful tool for marketers. However, there are legal limits to comparative advertising which are set out in federal statutes like the Competition Act and the Trademarks Act. Petline Insurance Company and Trupanion Brokers Ontario Inc. are competitors in the Canadian pet insurance business. A dispute between the parties arose as a result of a publication by Trupanion which featured a comparison between its insurance and that offered by Petline under its registered trademark PETSECURE.

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